Monday, May 9, 2011

Waking up to rain...

This morning, when my alarm went off, I laid back down in bed and listened to the rain. It was so soothing and wonderful. Nothing beats that.

This weekend I did not touch my backpack ONCE, but today it turned out nothing was due anyway. Thank you, Universe, for that :) tender mercies like that are so stinkin great.

That is two positive things about my goal for this blog is to not sound like a total downer...cause I have this habit of talking about the things that bug me more than the good things that happen to me haha SO, so far so good.

So my sisters and I are in love with all things weddings, always have been. I think that's pretty normal when you grow up in a house with mostly girls. :) But we were looking at wedding dresses today, and Cam found the one that I called DIBS on, and SHE LIKES IT. What is this world coming to?? I told her I called it, but she said you can't do that...I beg to differ. You most certainly CAN do that. Here is a picture of the dress in question. (Prepare yourself, it's exquisitely perfect.)

Gorgeous, right?? Well, I will just have to race her and get married first, I suppose. All I need is a man...hmmm...wish me luck.

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