Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Gimme Sympathy" & The Secret to Success...

This song is the best. A friend posted it to my wall and I can't get enough of it! Seriously so good. Listen to it, live it, smell it, taste it, live it, did I say that already? Oh well, it's good. Trust me.

"Gimme Sympathy" by Metric

My day has been just lovely! 
Okay honestly though, it was one of those days where everyone EVERYONE is super nice and you have no idea why...? I dunno if that's a thing or not, but it happened to me today. So it must be a thing. Or it is now anyway.

But here's what happened: remember cute boy from yesterday? Well I didn't walk with him to class today, but I saw him before class started and he said "Where were you? I was waiting for you!"...blank stare...((Wait...he IS talking to ME, right?)) "What? Really?...where??" "By the waterfountains!" "Oh...sorry. I guess I wasn't thirsty today." (**kicks self**)

THEN after that, I went to the bathroom, and another cute friend of mine who happens to be a boy was sitting by himself at a table studying. On my way back to class, I wave and he pulls out a chair for me and motions for me to sit with him. "I gotta go to class!", I say, quite shocked at the invite "No, you don't! Come on!" Seriously!! What is happening? I just smiled and went back to class...

AND THEN, I was walking to another class and a DIFFERENT cute boy that I was friends with forever ago stops me in the hallway! "Hey Allie! We haven't talked in forever, how've you been?!" ( this one talking to me too?!) "I've been good! You?" He stops at a locker by a girl, so I just kinda mosey away, TRYING to take signals...and he stops me "Wait! I just stopped to talk to you!" Apparently he doesn't even know the we stop and chat for awhile. WEIRD. I know.

ANNNDDD I was walking with a few of my guy (band) friends, and one of them told me I was like sunshine!
Honestly, at this point I'm thinking "Did someone put a note on my back that says 'Will trade sexual favors for conversation'?? Cause seriously, all the boys in my life were being strangely kind today and I didn't even SHOWER this morning. What is the deal?? I looked like a boy today. Honestly. Basketball shorts, a superhero t-shirt, and cheap flip flops. (The outfit of a champion? YES. The outfit of an attractive girl? NOPE)

SO, I think it will forever be a mystery. 
Here is my theory: Pretty girls freak boys out. Frumpy girls are not scary.
Secret to success: Don't look good.
Lesson learned.  

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Blogger Cami said...

Thank you for sharing this lesson. I will never look good again. :)

May 11, 2011 at 3:44 PM  

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