Tuesday, November 27, 2012

T-Gives 2012

(Disclaimer: this is a long post, but totally worth your time, I think. Not to toot my own horn or anything.)

Oh how I just love the holidays! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are some of my most favorite days of the year. Besides the exquisite food, generally genial company, and overall spirit of happiness, these days provide a time to really stop and think about what it is in life that really means the most to you. And I love that. So, in this time of thanks, there were a few things that really stuck out in my mind that I am especially grateful for.

The gospel of Jesus Christ
I am so thankful for my knowledge of the gospel, and for the blessings that it has brought into my life. The Lord watches out for me constantly, and feeling His spirit in my life is such a priceless gift that I am grateful for every day. I love having my own testimony of the gospel, and being able to share it with those around me. 
I feel so blessed to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!
(If anyone is curious about my religion, you can find out more here)

My INCREDIBLE fam bam.
I thoroughly don't believe that I deserve them in my life, and am so thankful everyday that I got so lucky.
Every single one of my family members is an inspiration to me in one way or another.

Papa has taught me that people take priority in life. We should always do what Jesus would do. No questions asked.
Mama has taught me that service is the most powerful way to show people you care. And it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to do so.
Cami has taught me to be passionate about life, and to love what I do and be committed to it.
Gabby has taught me to not take myself so seriously that I lose sight of what is important. She's taught me to be myself and use my strengths to help others to feel special, and to let my light shine.
Christy has taught me to always believe in myself and to work my butt off for the things I want. She's also taught me to have compassion for those I come in contact with, always.
Gideon has taught me to be endlessly curious. He's taught me that I can do whatever I want, and to never let anyone stop me. 
Grandpa has taught me that a little hard work and a positive attitude can get you anywhere. There's no use crying over spilled milk!
Grandma has taught me that strength isn't always a loud gesture, sometimes it's quiet faith and dedication. She's taught me to be a good example to others and to always laugh...and a good chick flick can make any day better. 

The people that make my life better: my FRIENDZ.
There are so many of these people that I don't have room to mention...people from back home, freshman year, my various wards, etc etc that touch my life every day and make me happy, but there are a few in particular that watch over me...


and a bunch of others.

These people support me, make me laugh, mock me, listen to me talk about evverryytthiinngg, and just make me a generally happy person. And I will love them forever for making me happy. Hopefully I can give back even a little bit of what they give to me.

My awesome JOB
I seriously adore working at the Museum of Art. I love being that close up to something I am so passionate about, and having the opportunity to have an impact on what is going on around me. 
Not to mention I get paid for touching priceless works of art....wooooooooooooo!

Art and clothes and music and dancing and all the other things that make life so beautiful!
I know these things are non-essential in life, but you have to agree, the world is a more beautiful place to be because of them. I am so grateful to live in a place where I have the opportunity to be passionate about these things. We are so blessed to live in a country that, although it has it's flaws (doesn't every country, though?) allows us the opportunity to do what we want, and what we love. That's a gift that I think I take for granted much to often.
So, folks, that's what I'm grateful for this t-giving season. 


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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bloggity bloggity blog

I would like you all to know that I have this overwhelming desire to make this into a fashion blog. Which I might just have to do...because guess what there aren't enough of in this world: fashion blogs.
oh wait.......

I just really love my clothes. Quite a bit actually. I like wearing them. A lot.
Pour example:
Today I wore a long, cream-colored fur vest. And guess what: 
Are there style-challenged people who harassed me because of said-vest? Absolutely.
But did I feel like a rockstar anyway? You bet your booty I did.
This is why I love fur vests: because you simultaneously can look totally bad-A and classy. I love both of those words. Therefore, I love fur vests. enough said.

This is almost identical to the one I have:

And I rocked it with some high-waisted blue skinny jeans, a nude/tan blouse with a peter pan collar and my deep red patent leather combat boots. I LOOKED GREAT.

And I sometimes just want to share with the world what I look like. Because sometimes people out here just don't understand exactly what I'm accomplishing by wearing such gutsy clothing.

They just don't get it.

ALSO, today I downloaded a free trial of Adobe Suite CS6...and let me tell you, as a prospective Graphic Design major....I am completely in love. It's tricky to get the hang of...but I'm practicing and I have already created some dang awesome magic with that ish. I am just so in love with what I do. I can't stand it!
So, hopefully I will post some of my work later so you can see just the kind of spectacular things I am capable of. It's gonna be really great.

Well, universe, I think it's about time that I hit the sack. I just had a huge burger, fries and Dr. Pepper...which was a dumb idea. Because now my tummy is full and I am sleepy...but tons of sugar (not to mention caffeine) doesn't exactly work wonders for sleeping habits.

Also, let it be known that tomorrow, November 13th, is

So, please, ladies and gentlemen, please go out of your way to spread a little kindness and cheer tomorrow. Pay it forward, y'all! 

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear"

I know it's not Christmas just yet, but here in our little BYU family, the Christmas season is in full swing. We've got constant Christmas tunes going, an excessive amount of Christmas decor, and we even have had the Yule log channel thing going. 
So, by my logic: World kindness day + Christmas cheer = the best day ever.
Make it happen everyone. Make it happen.

I promise you will not be sorry.

NOW, for your viewing pleasure:
Chicks wearing skirts made of cupcake liners!
(I thought this was appropriate with all the fashion talk and all...I mean these little chickies got it GOIN' ON!)

Have an impeccable world kindness day! :)
Remember, spread that cheer!

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