Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good Girl...

I just downloaded the new Carrie Underwood song...I love it. I love all Carrie Underwood music, though. Because she is a goddess of country music. I adore her!

I love it! Listen to it! It's grrreeat!

So these last couple of days have been great!

Also, I started my new job at the Museum of Art last week. This is what I look like:
(In my imagination)
(minus the inappropriate cleavage)

(In real life)
(minus the cool Segway)

BUT the job itself is really wonderful! I love being around the art, and my coworkers are great. SO all in all the job is great. 
Despite the polyester uniform.

I wish I had some cool thing to write about in my blog...like Cami usually does.
I have not made any home theaters or done anything hilarious with my friends.

I DID go tubing last night...which was cold and wet. 
OH! And I drove home in a terrifying blizzard of death and destruction.
No one else in the car had any experience driving in the snow, except me, obviously, so I drove...and it was horrifying.
Think: Little House on The Prairie Christmas blizzard episode. 
Where Mr. Edwards walks through all the snow to bring the girls Christmas presents. 
It was terrifying. TIMES A HUNDRED.

BUT we made it home safely with a LOT of help from the Lord. 

So THAT is pretty cool.

Also, I have taken to calling destiny "density"...
which makes me giggle to myself.

I usually say things like "It's your DENSITY!" but no one gets it. 

(It makes me happy despite everyone's lack of humor)

SOO yes. I love life right now. I'm feeling good.

Sooo...I should probably go home and go to bed or something. Maybe. 

Anyhoo, goodnight one and all!


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