Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh Sweet Vacation...

There are a lot of things in this world that I love:

My job (believe it or not)
My Family
(these are not in order of importance....just FYI...I DO love my family more than popsicles...most of the time)
ALL of the Rocky movies
People to love
Clothes...and money to buy said clothes
Cute people...cute person in particular...
Best friends!!
and mostly right now I love:

(here's the thing that I don't really like so much right now: when my brother makes me smell his hand after he feeds the NOT fall for this trick)

Anyway, I am visiting home right now...and I love it. I love the green trees and the people who know who I am, and the smiling and waving at strangers (it just doesn't happen in Utah the same way it does in Minnesota) and the best friends who know you so well that you don't even have to tell each other what you're thinking...THEY JUST KNOW! Wowza, I forgot how great that is.

Do I miss BYU, you ask? Yeah...I do. I miss my apartment, I miss doing what I want when I want and I miss the people (some more than others) in Utah...
BUT being home is a much needed break from adulthood. Sleeping in, eating food that was cooked by SOMEONE ELSE, not having to go to work (YES!), playing, swimming, JUST DANCE, sleepovers. Basically just being a kid again for a couple of's the best. Really really it is. I love it. 
And the best part of all of this is that my family is HILARIOUS.

Seriously. I just soil myself every time we are all together because they are so hilarious. 
Lets just say that there were MULTIPLE instances this last week (enough to make a substantial montage) where people spit various liquids out of their mouths and/or were squirted out their noses because the hilariousness was just so overwhelming.
In essence: my family is hilarious.

My family spent this last week up north in Marcell, Minnesota in a LOG CABIN. A real log cabin, people!
We were right on a gorgeous lake, we went canoeing, I learned how to cross stitch. (yes, ME)

and in the process of taking that picture, I accidentally made a video (which is flipped horizontally...please excuse) and I thought that some of you may want to watch it, so for your viewing pleasure, here is 
Disclaimer: there is music from Toy Story in the background...yes, yes I WAS listening to this need to judge.

So, yeah. My life eez GOOD.

I hope you all had a fabulous summer! Mine was just crazy...and fun...and CRAZY.

adios mi amigos.

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