Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All Things NEW

Well, readers, it's been about ten billion years since I last seems like all my posts start with that nowadays. Oh well.

Well, my life has been a roaring, ever-changing adventure. 
Freshman year has ended. Spring term has started.
I've stayed here in Provo...I mean, going home to Minnesota, as amazing as it would be, would not be a super smart thing to do at this moment. I have two great jobs here, and I bet my bottom that I wouldn't be able to get a job anywhere back home. 

So, Provo it is. The bright shining place that I call home. 
(that was sarcasm)

So, in case you all haven't heard, I am no longer an art major.
I was not accepted into the program, and it felt like a sign that I am supposed to do something else with my life. 
Art will always be a part of me (I have not one, but TWO jobs in the art museum for crying out loud), but it will not be my profession. 
I think that was just always the way it was supposed to be. I think I would feel useless if I just dedicated my life to art. I love art. But I think doing something else will be a better option for me.

I have definitely written about this before...deja vu. Oh man.

SO! My new major/life plan is.....

**drumroll please**

I feel good about it. I think it's where I am supposed to be. I mean, I know I said that about art too, but nursing provides many opportunities to help those in need, obviously, and that has always been something that is important to me.
The program is super duper hard to get in to, but I know I can do it...eventually :)

Enough of catching you guys up with all that boring yada yada.

Time for a BLURB about my best friend: CARLOS!
This man is extraordinary! And I just love him so so so much. 
Here are some pictures of my adventures with Carlito:

He is the best, sweetest, most wonderful best friend a girl could ask for.


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