Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another BYU dream...

So I keep having these dreams about being at BYU! And I had another one last night...they're AWESOME dreams obviously. I mean honestly, finally a place where Mormons aren't the butt of every joke and where people won't sing "The Book of Mormon: The Musical" in my face. It's not like I am abused for being LDS at school, but everyone definitely thinks it is a joke. So all in all, I am just so relieved to know that in only about 5 and a half weeks, I'll be on campus at BYU where people understand. I won't have to deal with all of the crap anymore, and I am so so SO excited. It will be a wonderful change for my beliefs not only to be respected (finally), but to be embraced and to have so many people to share that with.

Anyway, there's my soul-emptying, whiny portion of the blog for awhile. :)


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