Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Won't you be my honeybee?"...

Alrighty, so my sister Cami is in an official relationship now.
 Which, I feel bad for the guy a little bit. Not because he is dating her, but because I don't think he really realizes that Cami has sisters. Who like to talk. And like to talk about boys. To other people. And post about them on their blogs. SO, hopefully he doesn't mind that I am posting about him. His name is Mike and he is very cute and very nice and wonderful to Cami. They are cute together. :) Very very cute. This song is wonderful and the title of this post comes from it. AND it applies! So, enjoy.

I was RIDICULOUSLY productive today, I want you to know.
 I went to school, and looked GOOD, and I came home and painted the mailbox, and I planted flowers, and I unloaded the dishwasher, and swept the garage and cleaned off the deck, and I started making cute little cupcake toppers. 
So, yeah. All in all, I was a total rockstar. 

My stress level is at a 7 or 8 I think. The party is coming up so quickly. I'm terrified! I am an introvert, so I get my energy from being alone. Spending 4 hours with 300 people who are specifically at the party to talk to ME freaks the heck out of me. 
So, wish me luck. I know I will be fine, I'm just super nervous!!

ALSO: I have had a major major discovery:
 Honestly it is the most genius website since google. I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore that website. Go. Waste hours on it. It's amazing. 

And the last topic of the evening:
 My best friend in the world! Kelsey Schwartz.
 She is a total champ. We share a brain. Which is usually a good thing. Mostly a funny thing. And definitely a wonderful thing. Here is a video that sums up our friendship.
 I hope you enjoy it...if you just stick it out and watch the whole thing, I promise that you still won't be impressed, but you will probably laugh a couple of times :)
I hope you liked that. We were at rehearsal for a show when we took this vid. It was great.
 SO, I hope you liked it a LOT LOT LOT. :) 

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