Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Diva is a Female Version of a Hustler...

I don't know what to blog about today. I'm feeling in a bloggy mood, but I have nothing exciting to write! Yeesh. Bloggers block. Okay here goes nothing.

I am like 99% sure I have A.D.D.. Honestly! I was sitting in church today and we had a special two hour meeting and I could NOT sit still and focus. And anytime my classes are longer than 50 minutes I go insane. Seriously. 
I took "notes" during church. Basically it consisted of doodles. Like HARDCORE doodles. Which, I'm totally cool with, besides the fact that I got basically nothing out of the meeting. Except I DID catch the story someone told about how sin is like kidney stones. I just kinda giggled at that.

Aaand now I am eating Gushers for lunch, writing on my blog, writing a couple of missionaries back, and listening to my Taylor Swift channel on Pandora. 
(Yes, I DO have a Taylor Swift channel on Pandora...judge if you will.)

So, one of my friends was listening to my itunes the other day. It was just playing all my "purchased" music, and he looks over at me, and asks "Is this your country playlist or something?", and I said "uhh...nooo" (cause it WASN'T) and then I realized that all I listen to is country music. And a teensy  bit of alternative. But mostly just country. I LOVE IT. It feeds my soul. Country music is real and honest. No bling, no begging for attention. Just honest. I love it. Maybe that's taking it a little too Whatever. It's true.

I am OBSESSED with Carrie Underwood. Like the people who live in the rooms around me are like "Was that YOU belting to Carrie Underwood so loud?". 
I just stare and go "...uhhhh....". 
I mean what am I supposed to say?! "Yes, that WAS me being embarrassingly obnoxious. I thought my room was a little more soundproof. My bad." 
Hahahha I love me some Carrie.
This one is my FAVORITE right now:

I sing it CONSTANTLY. It's probably really annoying actually...maybe I should stop...NOPE. Not stopping. Ever.

Also, new development in my life:
I am good at pool. That's right everyone, you heard me right! I am good at something that requires hand-eye coordination! Finally!

Anyway, I made this picture to illustrate how I am going to become a hustler/diva. Because we all know, thanks to Beyoncé, that a diva is a female version of a hustler.
Here is what I look like when I play pool:

That's right everyone, I'm a diva.
If you are not familiar with this awesome song, here. Take a listen:

(Adam, when I listen to this, I think of you. EVERY TIME)

So yes. I think those two things prove my point. 
But seriously. I'm way good. It's really fun!

And I'm working on getting good at ultimate frisbee...but I can't catch the thing to save my life. Which is weird. Oh well. I'll get there.

Hear ye, hear ye, I have decided that my whole "I don't do things that I'm not already good at" thing is probably not the best way to go, so I've started trying a bunch of things that I never bothered with before.

Liiikkeee the above two things and swing dancing flips. Swing dancing flips scare me. Or they used to. But NOW they don't. Maybe I just trust Thales a lot. That's probably it...cause I don't do flips with anyone else. Way to go, Thales. You're the best :)

Speaking of which, I have the best friends ever. I love them.

They're all boys.

They guys I always hang out with:

We have fun.

Here's how it goes:

Thales says something inappropriate and mean.
Kevin laughs and then "comforts" me (and I smack both of them)
Tallmadge just laughs 


Thales is really nice
Kevin is awesome
Tallmadge is wonderful

All in all it's pretty fun!
We play a LOT of pool. And have very colorful non-expletives...

It's great.

Another update in my life:
I am drawing this face. It's James Franco's little brother's face to be exact.
It had to be of someone that people don't really yeah.
It's turning out really well. I love it. And now that I said that, I'll probably mess the whole thing up. Oh well.
Here it is so far!

I think it'll be good. I hope.

Also, both pairs of my skinny jeans have holes in the crotch...I think I need to get bigger jeans. Cause I've got a booty all of the sudden. Sooo that's cool. 
I'm going to start donating plasma...aka prostituting my body because you get like $65 if you donate twice a week...which added up is like $250 a month. Which means I won't need to use my paychecks for other things--they can just go towards school. Perfect!

I love being a prostitute. 
hahaha jk


WELL everyone, life is good. Life is very good. And I love it. 
So yes.

Oh and there might be a cute boy.
That's all I'm saying.

Friday, October 7, 2011

It Takes Work to Find Joy in Life Sometimes...

Okay, I watched this movie today:

it is so good.

First of all, Orlando Bloom is delicious. And Kirsten Dunst is wonderful.


There is this part where the mom (a new widow) says "It takes work to find joy in life". Which, as depressing as it sounds, really inspired me.

It's not supposed to be EASY. Life, I mean. It's SUPPOSED to take work. Joy doesn't always just fall into your lap. Sometimes you need to pick up and say, "You know, I really have no specific reason to be happy, but I'm going to be anyway." You WORK at it. You find the things in life that make  you smile and you focus on those.

LIKE, pour example:

Today I was walking out of class, and usually my mind is occupied with thoughts like this:
(keep in mind, I am keenly observant)

"Honey, seeing your shape wear through your shirt does not aid in convincing me  that you are skinny."
"That guy looks like a fool with his hat turned backwards. That hasn't been cool since the 6th grade, and even THEN it was iffy."
"Excuse me couple staring into each other's eyes, I am trying to not punch you guys in the face. Could you please make it easier for me?"

Isn't that TERRIBLE?! 
I am not a terrible person, I promise. It is just SO much easier to focus on the negative. Telling you those awful things I think was just to illustrate my point.

And guess how I feel when I think those things constantly.
Gross. My head hurts, I slouch and so my back hurts (and I probably look like a fool) and I am simply NOT a happy camper.

SO, I've started trying to think things like this:

"That girl's necklace is really pretty. That sparkle made me happy"
"Excuse me sir, but you have excellent style and a charming smile."
"I am glad that that those people have found each other. They seem really happy"

Okay, granted, I am NOT directing these comments at the same people, (I'm not going to LIE to myself), but I am making progress. If you only see the good in the world, you are guaranteed to live a longer life.

...okay...I made that up...but it sounds pretty good...

Anyway, the point of this soul-bearing, messy embarrassing post was to let you all know that I am DETERMINED to be happy. I know I've said that before, but I am for serious this time.
Not that I wasn't happy before...I just mean happIER. Cause there is always room for improvement.

All in all, life is beautiful. 

And people get hurt and messed up and it's hard and awful sometimes. But, I believe that's what makes life beautiful. I mean, how would we be able to recover and become stronger if pain wasn't part of the picture?

I love you! Please remember to be happy and see the good things. 

It takes absolutely no intelligence to see the negative, but it takes a strong mind to constantly see the positive. 

And I know you all have strong minds (Thales) so don't waste them on negativity and unhappiness.

I hope you all are having a spectacular Friday.

I had a small miracle occur today.
I went to the vending machine to get some delicious ice cream, and the vending machine gave me 2 for the price of 1!! And it doesn't count as stealing because the machine GAVE it to me. Also there is no way to return it. 
SO, an angel up in heaven loves me.
I'm going to say it was Granny. Thanks Granny for the ice cream, it was simply delectable. :)

YUM x2

Now goodbye for real. 


Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Legend of the Saggy Bumper...

Good blog post title, huh? 
Here's the story behind it. It's short. So  you'll like it.

Once upon a time, Allie, Thales, Kevin, and Tallmadge were playing pool. 
Then something was weird. And Tallmadge looked down at the table and was like 
"This saggy bumper messed it up"
And I just started giggling. I don't know why.
Okay, I do know why: say "saggy bumper" out loud. Just say it. 
So then we all started laughing. 
And then we went back to our game of pool. 

Cool story, huh?

I thought so.

Anyway. There's not a whole ton to report on today. Minus my haircut. Which looks exactly like the last one...but I can make it look like famous male figures. Like this:

See? You jealous? You should be.

ALSO, I have been having wedding fever.
WEDDING fever. Not marriage fever. No need to panic, anyone. I just love weddings. Here are some of the lovely things I've found whilst stumbling "weddings" on

GAAHHH I just love all of these things. Honestly, I spend too much time looking at wedding stuff. But hey, that means that planning my ACTUAL wedding someday will be so much easier cause I'll already know what I want. 
Easy peas. 

I just love weddings so much.

Okay, well it's time to go. 
I just got a package from my mom that I have to go pick up!! :)

(thanks mom, you're the best :))