Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Most Exhausting Weekend of My LIFE...and I've been alive for 18 years!...

Shalom everybody. I apologize for the whole waiting thing...I was so super busy!
 Lemme TELL YOU:

So, Saturday morning, I had my graduation party. Talking to 400 people over the span of 4 hours about the same exact thing is SO flipping exhausting, I almost keeled over dead. Which would have been an enormous tragedy. But, what can ya do? It was really fun to see everyone I love in one place! But, as an introvert, it was an excruciating morning. That's alright. It was probably good practice for when I am a wonderful amazing celebrity and people want to talk to me all the time. You know.

Anyway, later that night I was in a show, which was the most nerve-wracking show I have ever been in. Which is weird, cause one time I was the lead in a huge show, and I was as nervous as that times about 13.5 on Saturday! BUT all went very well. I didn't even forget my words to my song :) So I was happy. And more tired. Also that night was the fake Apocalypse AND a giant tornado. Very busy night.

Here is the highlight: I sang a song with Kelsey Schwartz (my best friend), and we both just lost it. It's the sweetest song in the world.
 Listen. You'll cry for sure.

And Sunday I had church, and then seminary graduation, at which I sang a duet with a friend named Kevin. We put the song together in about 20 minutes. It was good! haha

And then Monday, I had a choir concert! Tiring.

Lots of singing this weekend.
And on top of that, I had an awesome surprise!! My friend from when I was little, Thomas Fleming, came up to surprise me from Georgia at my grad party! It was so much fun to have him here this weekend!

But all in all, I am pooped. Hence the no blogging. It happens. Life goes on.
And so does blogging.

I  did a lot of shopping this weekend! I only spent $200, and this is everything I got:
Awesome mustard and brown printed pants
Sperry Topsiders
A gorgeous mustard maxi dress
A CHI straightener (!!)
A really adorable mustard purse (What is the DEAL with all this mustard?!)
New CK One Summer perfume (smells like heaven and sunshine)
And a few dumb things like hairspray and mascara and stuff

BUT here is my secret to having great hair: Aussie Instant-Freeze. I swear by it. It is like...cement for your hair. You can do whatever you want and your hair will never move. Ever again.
 It is the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced.

Bottom line is: I NEED some sleep and alone time.
So, if I am mean to any of you in the next few days, it's because I really REALLY need those things.
 It's nothing personal, I promise.

Anyhoo, this is all I'm writing for now. I'll try to keep up better. Promise :)


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