Monday, August 29, 2011

Well, folks, I did it...


And I love it. A LOT. :)

Also, I met a cute boy at a dance on Saturday. That was fun.

Classes started today. They were good.

American Heritage: A ton of my friends are in there with me and my professor is awesome.

French: Apparently it's an immersion class...sweet. No one told me. And I don't know French yet. (hence the need to sign up for the CLASS)

Drawing: IT'S DRAWING. So of course it's awesome. Supplies are ridiculously expensive though. Oh well, it's worth it. 

I am sleepy. I was out last night until 2ish and then I had to wake up at 5 for work. So basically I'm beat. I should go to bed like NOW, but I'm too antsy!!

I want to go out and play with my friends!
So I think I will. I don't have work tomorrow, so that's a plus.

And I have awesome friends. So I think that I should not pass up this opportunity to hang out with them. Don't you agree?

Here's a picture of my sassy haircut!:

Also, I think it's tradition to leave you with an exquisite song. So here it is:

"Run The World" by Beyonce. It's a woman power song. I LOVE IT. It's my theme song. And I love it.
Also, CHECK OUT THAT BEAST DANCING. I love dancing. I want to be able to dance like Beyonce. She is so hot. I love her so much! She is so smart and sassy. And pregnant! (And married :)) GO BEYONCE. 

She's so hot. I love her.

Enjoy :)

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Things that make me smile...

Okay everyone, I am happy. 
:) :) :) Simple as that :) :) :)

Here are some of the things that make me happy:

Being at BYU

Having a job (even if it is at Taco Bell)

Songs like this:

Having super cute clothes. I mean really.

Being a redhead. 
(You have no idea how much enjoyment I get out of that one.)

Things like this:
Is that cliche? Maybe. Probably. But, I LOVE IT.

I love buying a GIANT bag of cheap popsicles and eating so many that I get heartburn. (hahaha)

I love doodling whilst I watch movies. I've always done this. When I watch movies, I write all the names and lines from the movie and make them wonderful. I have excellent penmanship because of this. Just FYI.

My teddy bear named Jack. Here is a picture of the two of us and how happy we are together:
Here are some things you ought to know about Jack:
He is the perfect teddy bear. Reliable. Snuggly. Has an excellent shoulder to cry on. And he is, indeed, the PERFECT density of teddy bear. You know what I mean? Teddy bears that are too solid are uncomfy, and teddy bears that are too fluffy just are not snuggle-able. Jack is the most perfect teddy bear ever made. And I love him.

Well, that's a blurb about me for the day.

OH I have my appointment to get all my hair chopped off tomorrow...wish me luck. If I have terrible hair...well...that would be sad. But I would appreciate it if you all stuck by me and remained friends with me. :) 

OH one last thing that makes me smile:
Blonde boys with blue eyes :)

Goodnight all :) I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight...I'll probably be too happy to sleep. Do you ever have nights like that? Gosh...they are wonderful and just so frustrating at the same time. Oh well :)

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I sleep with a chair in front of the door...

So this whole living alone thing is scary. SCARY. I don't go to sleep until I have closed all the doors and locked the ones that have a lock and put chairs in front of the doors that do not have locks. Is that sad? Maybe. But hey, at least I won't get kidnapped!

So here's the buzz in the life of A. Heroux:

I discovered this thing called Breyer's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream.
 And here is how I feel about it: I LOVE IT. Just so I can make your mouth water a little to illustrate my point, here is a picture of this divine gift from the heavens.

Oh my GOODNESS it is just simply so delicious.

Here is a gorgeous music video that I stumbled upon. And it's a song by two of my favorite musicians! Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. Not to mention that the song itself is beautiful. Just take a minute to take it all in. It's so simple and SO gorgeous!

Hmmm what else? Well, work is turning out to be fun. :) There is a cute boy who works with me. Who shall remain nameless for the time being, but he is adorable. :) And he makes me smile.

I have rediscovered the simple pleasure that is dancing in one's underwear to loud music. I haven't done that enough in my life and I am beginning to regret it. Because it lets out all the negative toxic feelings and makes room for pure joy. Ahh I just love it. For any of you readers who have never done this: I highly recommend it. It does wonders for stress reduction.

OH MY GOODNESS how could I forget?!

I am getting my hair cut. And when I say cut, I mean CUT.
I am getting it all chopped off! Like a "pixie" cut. Which I hate that term. It makes me think of the 90's...which I will admit, were not some of our nation's most stylish years. I'm talking fresh, sassy, sexy short hair. Think Emma Watson, Carrey Mulligan, and this lady...whoever she is:

Now, I know what all you skeptics are thinking (MOM and GRANDMA), it is short and a little nuts. Okay it's a LOT nuts. But here's the deal. I have thought this through, I promise I have!
1. I have an oval face shape which, GUESS WHAT, is the face shape that can pull of just about anything. I looked it up. Online. 
2. Long hair is just not me. I mean, think about it. Think about my personality. Does really long wavy hair really match? I feel like not. 
3. My current hair "style" (or lack thereof) is so excruciatingly boring that I might pass out at any moment from boredom. Honestly. I can't do BEANS with my hair. And it's driving me insane.
4. I would like a style that I can do the same way every day and still have it look spicy and extraordinary. This hairstyle is PRECISELY that. And I love it.
5.This style takes specific maintenance, but it's low-key. Easy to take care of, and, as mentioned earlier, looks extraordinary. 
6.For my dumb job, I have to wear a hat every day. I have to work before class every single day, which means HAT HAIR. **shudder shudder shudder**
If I had this haircut, I could easily fix said hat hair with dry shampoo and a teasing comb in about 25 seconds. I just think it's practical.

______________Here's the bottom line:______________ 
(that's the bottom line)

Guess what, everyone! I am extraordinary! And I think I need hair that matches that. Nope, I KNOW I need hair that matches my extraordinarity. 

Simply put, I am getting my hair cut like this, and no one can stop me. 

I am sticking it to the man.
Me:  "Hello, man. Consider yourself stuck to!"

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Finals, Finances, Fretting, and Food...OH and Work...

It's really a bummer that the word 'work' does not start with an 'f'. Oh well.

Alright, all. You're right. I'm a bum. And I stopped writing on my blog. Which does, indeed, make me sad. 
Cause guess what! I love my blog. And all who read it. And I don't like disappointing everyone. SOOOO here it goes:

Finals...well. I didn't die. So that's good.
There's the update on that.

I got a job. a job. So that means I make money. Don't get excited people, it's not a lot of money. But it's more than I was making before, so that's an improvement.

I made my "financial plan" tonight, and I have come to this conclusion:
It's as simple as that.

And guess what: everything costs money. WHO KNEW?!
Yeesh this is annoying.

I am living basically alone in Utah for two weeks. I'm staying in my sister's apartment whilst she is in MN with her BOYFRIEND. And here's this deal: I am lonely. Not like pouty, whiny lonely.
 Like...I feel fine, I am just completely alone. 
You know when you just feel...nothing...about things? Like you have no emotion whatsoever? 
That's what I'm feeling right now. 
Is it bad? Is it good? I have no idea. I'm just going to say it's whatever. Cause I say that a lot, and it feels like whatever. So we'll go with that.
And here's the kicker: There are technically people I COULD be hanging out with...I just have no desire to be with people right now. Simply no desire. 

I would much rather sit in my sister's bed in my underwear (hehehe) and watch TV on Netflix and eat cereal and macaroni and cheese and candy all night. And then wake up and work out. And go to work. And then come home and start all over. SO, since I am all alone and I have no one to answer to, that is what I shall spend my time doing. 
So, there.

Sorry this is pretty much boring and emotionless. It's just how I'm feeling. I mean after hours of TV and financial don't really feel like a human being anymore. Haha 
Which, honestly, I think is alright to feel sometimes. 
It's a nice break.

So, America. Or whoever is reading this...have a spectacular day...or night...or MORNING. Depending on when you read this. And don't worry about me, I'm fine. Alone time is really...nice. Actually.

The only hard part is knowing that my family, the people I love more than anything in the whole world, is all together minus me. And I wonder if they notice I'm gone...which is not as depressing as it sounds. I am honestly just curious. 

Goodnight, all. 

Here is a fantastic FANTASTIC song. Honestly SO fantastic.

Enjoy it :)

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