Monday, August 22, 2011

Things that make me smile...

Okay everyone, I am happy. 
:) :) :) Simple as that :) :) :)

Here are some of the things that make me happy:

Being at BYU

Having a job (even if it is at Taco Bell)

Songs like this:

Having super cute clothes. I mean really.

Being a redhead. 
(You have no idea how much enjoyment I get out of that one.)

Things like this:
Is that cliche? Maybe. Probably. But, I LOVE IT.

I love buying a GIANT bag of cheap popsicles and eating so many that I get heartburn. (hahaha)

I love doodling whilst I watch movies. I've always done this. When I watch movies, I write all the names and lines from the movie and make them wonderful. I have excellent penmanship because of this. Just FYI.

My teddy bear named Jack. Here is a picture of the two of us and how happy we are together:
Here are some things you ought to know about Jack:
He is the perfect teddy bear. Reliable. Snuggly. Has an excellent shoulder to cry on. And he is, indeed, the PERFECT density of teddy bear. You know what I mean? Teddy bears that are too solid are uncomfy, and teddy bears that are too fluffy just are not snuggle-able. Jack is the most perfect teddy bear ever made. And I love him.

Well, that's a blurb about me for the day.

OH I have my appointment to get all my hair chopped off tomorrow...wish me luck. If I have terrible hair...well...that would be sad. But I would appreciate it if you all stuck by me and remained friends with me. :) 

OH one last thing that makes me smile:
Blonde boys with blue eyes :)

Goodnight all :) I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight...I'll probably be too happy to sleep. Do you ever have nights like that? Gosh...they are wonderful and just so frustrating at the same time. Oh well :)

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