Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Time to Revisit This Blog...

Hello faithful readers of my blog 
(and a more snide hello to those unfaithful readers of my blog)

I am sorry I've been a putz again lately and have stopped writing! That's pretty lame of me...I'm so so sorry.

WELL here's the new update:

I am tired 100% of the time 
I am overwhelmed 50% of the time
I am having a blast at BYU 99.8% of the time
(the other .2% consists of times when I am overcome by exhaustion and overwhelmed-ness) 

That is my life. 

it's pretty dang exciting 
(thank you Nacho for the best most functional movie quotes ever)

Okay, I have formed a new addiction:


Holy smokes, you guys. I am so hooked it's ridiculous. 

If you find a picture online that you like, be it a picture of  a sweater you just HAVE to have, or the most heartwarming engagement picture in the world, you just hit your handy dandy "pin" button that you can download to your browser and VOILA! It's pinned to one of your "boards". And you can keep it forever. Here are some of the gems I've found and pinned on pinterest:

So, go check that ish out!

Also, I'm gonna be posting some of my recent work up here soon...there's a giant project in the workings...
I'm looking for pictures of people I know that I will put into a big crowd of people for my final project for my drawing class...if you're interested (and we know each other) email a picture of you/your family and I'll try to work you into it! It'd help me out a lot!

email pictures to

Thanks :) 


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