Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is 19 pairs too many?...

So, I have spent the afternoon shopping for unmentionables and cleaning out my room so I may leave for college. It's been surprisingly easy. I am just ridiculously, indescribably excited to go to BYU. 
Ahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! :) :)

This is a fabulous going away to college/leaving the nest song. I LOVE IT.

Today I finally faced the challenge of deciding what shoes to take with me to college...this was quite a daunting task considering I have...lets just say way too many pairs of shoes. ALL of which I love. I sat down, and through a very very intense selection process chose 19 pairs of shoes to take with me. 
Mind you, these are the shoes that I cannot possibly bear to part with. 
Too many? Maybe. 
Worth losing the closet space? Absolutely.

I learned a very important lesson last night. 
(Those of you who follow me on twitter have already heard about this. allieHeureux )
You need no amount of alcohol in your system whatsoever to make an idiot out of yourself at a party.
Just please remember this, and plan accordingly. Be responsible. Don't under any circumstances act like a 12 year old. But I think that applies to every realm of life. Yeah. Just never act like a 12 year old .They're the WORST. 15 year olds are in second place for being the worst.
Those are my words of wisdom to you, oh wise people who read my blog. 
Don't ever forget them. 

The point of this blog (in case you didn't hear), as soon as I get out to school, is to document the awesome adventures at BYU in the life of Allie Heroux. 
So, hopefully it is a ridiculous blast. It probably will be. Lets be serious. A bunch of LDS kids going disco-skating, and not consuming any mind-altering substances whatsoever?? 
That will get interesting, I guarantee it. We get pretty dang creative. 

So, let the countdown begin: 
15 days 
until I leave MN

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