Friday, June 24, 2011

Choices are the definition of growing up...(sounds smart, huh??)

Alrighty, there is this part of college that I am not so fond of called making choices. Choices like: do I go play ultimate with my guy friends (shirts and skins people, shirts and SKINS) or do I go to the library and study? Do I sleep in and feel good, or do I wake up early and finish that outline that is due in my first class? Do I eat fruit snacks for breakfast, or do I walk all the way to the Cannon Center and get a real meal? (That last one is courtesy of Lauren Hopper) All of these are challenging decisions that must be made. Here are the decisions I made: I went to the library, and I woke up early. GAH. You better be proud of me, because that is like the only reward I will get for making such wonderful decisions. I for sure won't be invited to MORE social activities. I will most likely be invited to less because I am the girl who always says no so that she can study. Why invite her? She is super boring. BLAH.  So yeah, I am becoming THAT girl. Which I don't like. But, that's what you get for making a ridiculously intense goal called:


It is completely do-able. It just takes those nasty decisions that I happen to despise with all the passion of my fire-y heart. And hair. I mean honestly, who wants to be THAT girl?? Notta me.

But yeah BYU has been awesome. Lots of homework. I have a paper due next Friday already. And I have about 45 pages of reading to do this weekend. But here's the thing I like about college: I am actually motivated to do well because I am paying for this school. And it's great :) 

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