Friday, June 10, 2011

I really shouldn't be writing this right now...I have way too much stuff to do right now...

Well...I SHOULD be packing up my room right now. But I'm not. I'm writing on my blog. Because I just like doing this better than I like cleaning my room. I'm sorry. I just do. 

I finished packing and shipping all the things that I'm actually taking with me to school, so now I'm left to pack all the stuff I DON'T want. Which is annoying. Because I don't want it...but I still have to go through all of it and decide what I'm actually keeping and storing and what I'm tossing. GAHH I had no idea I had so much junk. It is infuriating. 

My room looks so naked and boring right now. Here is a picture of the before and after. I had a pretty awesome room! And now it's empty and scary.

SO now all I have to do is pack the residual CRAP. That should be fun.

I am finished with school now!! Which is SO exciting! 
And I finished with nothing less than a C- in pre-calculus, thank you very much :) Considering the fact that I did about....4% of the homework this year, that is quite impressive. hahaha 
Bottom line is, I am just excited to be DONE with it all! I made it. Thank goodness.

I had a sleepover with my lovely friend Cheyenne Richardson yesterday. She is incredible. One of those people who is friends with everyone, involved in everything, is homecoming queen, and is humble just to top it all off. I love her so much! We were going to take some pictures but then we fell we ended up taking a picture in the morning right when we woke up. I would not recommend doing that. It results in terrible pictures. But that's alright :) 

Also: WE BOUGHT BODY PILLOWS. I have wanted a body pillow for SUCH a long time. I don't really know why...but I have. So now I have one. And I love it a lot. :)

I have also had a new insight into how my mind works. I can FINALLY communicate how everything goes down in my brain. Are you ready? Prepare yourself. It's really intense. REALLY intense. Okay. Here it goes. 

We'll just start with thinking about the last day of school:

"It's weird it's the last day of school. This day would be even better if I could see Mr. Bennett, he's great. I really like him. He went to Spain. I want to go to Spain. I want to backpack across Europe. I wonder what backpack I should use. I should get a new backpack for college. I wonder who invented the backpack. It was really smart. You know what else is smart? Rape whistles. I'm glad I packed that for BYU, just in case. I  probably won't need it at BYU. And even if I do, they have those big red 'Emergency' buttons all over the place. I wonder when they put those in. Has anyone ever used them before? I mean really. If you were being attacked, who would have the time or the presence of mind to run over and press the emergency button. Oh well. I doubt anyone uses them. They seem like a waste of energy kind of. Also the hall light is on right now which is a waste of energy. Does energy actually get wasted? Cause doesn't energy just get recycled over and over and over again? Or is that light? I wonder how fast the speed of light is. I know I learned that in 8th grade but I totally forgot. 8th grade was the WORST. I loathed 8th grade. Everyone was mean and awkward. Yuck. Seriously. Eew. At least I grew out of that stage. Well mostly. I'm still suuuperrr clumsy. But I don't think I'll ever grow out of that. Maybe I have a balance problem in my inner ear! I know that can happen...I bet that's it. We'll just blame it on that."

And so on and so on. And as fast as you read that is as fast as those thoughts go through my head. It's very overwhelming sometimes. Mostly it's fun. :)

So yeah, now you have a glimpse into the brain of Allison Heroux

I leave for BYU in 
2 days 12 hours 35 minutes


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