Sunday, May 29, 2011

"4 and a half gold stars for you"...

Here's what I don't like:
When my dog farts. It smells like death. Like, makes-your-nose-bleed bad.
When you sit so long your butt hurts
Sour milk
Saying goodbye
Math homework
Bad grammar
Wet socks

Also: GOVERNMENT MEETINGS. That I have to go to. To graduate. BLECH.

Here's what I love:
School Of Rock
Chillin' in my room in my undies eating chocolate and listening to music
Singing in the shower
Chicken salad sandwiches
Quoting movies. Like a lot. You have no idea. Just ask Cami.
Getting asked out on dates
Having the boy actually plan the date
Bees knees

Here is the one I just bought and I am in love with it. I might marry it. 

 I love him so much. I pee my pants EVERY TIME I see one of his movies. Goodness he's hilarious. I cannot even handle it. 

4 and a half gold stars for you, Jack Black. 
(I will give whoever knows what movie that quote is from...4 and a half gold stars as well)

Hmmmm other things to blog about...hmmmmm....

I got asked out on a date today. Which, regardless of who you are, makes you feel good, I guarantee it. 
So THAT was good.
Plus I looked super hot today.

Something else I have realized lately:
Whenever I'm just sitting on the floor doing homework, (or blogging) or whatever, I always find myself zoned out, rocking back and forth.
 Is that weird? Yes, yes it is. 
Can it be explained? I don't know. 
Am I just antsy? YES. 
Am I just insane? Quite possibly. 
Well, that was just a weird happenstance in the life of Allison Heroux.

Tomorrow is Gideon's 9th birthday. 
(He is my wonderfully adorable little brother.) 

Best little brother in the world! 
For his birthday, we are having a nerf gun war. Yeah. You heard me correctly. 


I can't wait. Get ready to get owned, family. It's on. 

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