Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So I'm sitting here in the art section...

Things I love:
Art books
Being an artist
Looking at art
Spending my time in the art section of the HBLL
Holding hands :)
Taylor Swift
Floral on floral outfits
Being done with class for the day
Sitting in a cozy chair at the library writing this blog entry
White cheddar Cheez Its
Seeing guys with weird hats and sunglasses (we are indoors) walk past me at an uncomfortably fast pace...

That last one just happened. 10 seconds ago. Weird.

Anyway here is a picture of my floral on floral outfit:

I like it. Some people might say it doesn't match, but I think it is stylish and cute and comfy. So I wear it. And no one can stop me!

I had a fantastic time last night. Like, really fantastic.
Here is what happened and it could have been really terrible.
Grab your popcorn and get ready for soap opera time, cause it's happening. 

So roommate #1 and I were supposed to watch a movie. But then roommate #2 found out and was going to come. So then I felt like it would be painfully awkward so I found some friends and brought them, and we watched Newsies in the media center. Which was fun. A little awkward. But fun.
 And THEN we went to the Tanner building (this really huge cool building with courtyards in the middle and glass so you can see what's going on on all the floors) and we played hide and go seek and sardines. SO MUCH FUN. So much fun. I mean really, this was the first time that I did something like that and didn't get kicked out of somewhere. Because guess what! We are adults.
 We can do what we want. And it was super fun. 
So we did that until like 11, and then we walked around and ended up going to McDonalds at midnight and had some food, and then we went to a park to go on the swings. And it was really fun. And there were sprinklers which we DID run through. SO FUN!
 Until the police came and told us the park was closed and we had to go home. That was boring. 
All in all, last night was so much fun! I got back to my room at like 1:30 am and consequently this morning I hit the snooze button for 45 minutes before waking up to do my homework. Lame.
 But I DID get all my homework done (MOM). No worries.

So yeah. That is the update of my life. 

OOh and I got asked on a date for Saturday! It's a group date! With a boy named Mason. Who is hilarious. And the boys are making us breakfast for dinner and then we are going to a movie. I am excited.

I swear there is more to my life than boys. 

Like GIRLS!   

We made an AWESOME video. Which is long.
It is seriously like 15 minutes long. But in summary: it is a video of me and my roommate and some WONDERFUL wonderful wonderful girls in my hall. Names: Abby (brunette) and Elise (Blonde). They are the best. And they can both dance like rock stars.

So yeah, life eez GOOD.

And for all of you MN people out there reading this: my friends LOVE saying things in Minnesota accents. It's a hoot. Honestly, it is so funny. Most of them just sound Indian when they try it though. 
Which I think is even funnier.
Okay well I shall retire for now. I have to make an annotated bibliography (whatever THAT is) for Friday, and I get that feeling that it will take a bazillion trillion years.

Adios readers. Have a beautiful sunshine-filled day! :)

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