Sunday, July 3, 2011

I am a slob for time...

Do I really know what that title is supposed to mean? Nope. But it kinda rolled off the tongue, so I thought it would be wonderful. And look at it. It is. 

Well, as I'm sure you all have noticed, it has been a few days since I last posted. You'd think this would be because I have been busy. And I HAVE...but I've been busy with things like. Sleeping. And going on (Which is the most absolutely incredible waste of time EVER. Check it out. I'm serious) In other words, I have been wasting away my life. Which I am okay with even though I probably shouldn't be. I DO have friends. And we DO hang out and I DO my homework, but with all that extra wiggle time, I guarantee you I'm stumbling or sleeping. Those are my two favorite things.

UPDATE: I am currently enjoying a delicious bowl of Resse's Puffs. The world's #1 most delicious cereal   since the Trix that were actually in the shape of the fruits it supposedly tasted like. (Man...I miss that. The little round ones just don't taste as good.)
You should take my word for it. I'm pretty sure I'm the leading expert on deliciousness of cereals in the United States.

Here's the weird thing: whilst enjoying my nearly-midnight snack, I was smelling an "Island Colada" candle and tasting my Resse's Puffs...the two flavors got all mushed together. That is the weird thing that just happened to me.

So, I went on a date on Saturday night. And it was very interesting. The date itself was super fun! We went up a mountain and sat on Squaw Peak and had a picnic and watched the sun go down and then watched some fireworks and went stargazing. Overall: super fun.
Except this interesting part that was a little less fun for me (but super hilarious for my date apparently)
I had to pee. 
The whole entire time we were on that mountain. And here's the funny thing about mountains: there are no bathrooms. So, as I'm sure you have figured out, using your impeccable deductive reasoning skills, I had to use the great outdoors to answer natures urgent call. Was this fun? NO. Was it funNY? I guess so. 
So it is dark. Like DARK outside, and I heard some rustling in the bushes and I am still positive there was a cougar out there, but, being the brave adventurer that I am, I pulled myself together and "popped a squat" as they say. And I didn't even pee in my shoe. Are you impressed? Good. You should be. 

I am volunteering at a race tomorrow morning called the Freedom Race...or the Freedom Run...or something like that. Guess what time I have to be there. Just guess. I bet you can't guess. I'll just tell you.
5AM. AM. 

It is currently 11:11! Make a wish everyone. 

I should probably mosey on over to my bed and go to sleep. 'Cause I have to be a bright shining ray of happiness and kindness (which is sometimes a challenge for me ANYWAY) in like 6 adios, everyone.
I hope you are all doing wonderfully. 
Just a little something that I found (thank you stumbleupon) to inspire you:

I simply love this. I think it is wonderful and so so sooo true. 

Goodnight! :) 

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