Monday, September 19, 2011

ILLNESS: Physical, Mental and the Sort....

Soooo my roommate is really sick. And I'm kind of sick. 
It's not a fun thing at all.
My throat hurts and I'm congested and stuff.

Plus we have a spider infestation in our room. Maybe we just have spider poisoning...can that happen?
I don't really know. Maybe. I bet that's it.
Anyway, I thought I was just dehydrated, but I feel like trash all around. Pretty sure I'm actually sick.

That's the physical part.

The mental part is that I am going mentally insane from this whole college thing.
Here's how college works: 
Go to class for a lot of time.
Do homework for a lot of time.
Have no time for anything else.

SO when you DO make time for friends or boys or work, even, you fail at time management and get so stressed out that your immune system fails and you get sick.
Hmmmmm....this is a pickle.

Oh well. 
I'm a big girl.
I can handle this.
I can handle this.
I can handle this.

I have THE best friends in the world who are wonderful and help me out when I have no idea what to do with myself.
They are honest and encouraging and happy. And I love and appreciate them:)

I think I should go to sleep soon.
I need to sleep this sick funk off. 
Cause honestly, I am so lethargic and sleepy and tired all the time. 
Frankly, it's a little sad.

This baby turtle is adorable. 
I just wanted to share the cuteness with you all :)

Also, I thought this was thought provoking:

It got me thinking...anyway. I should probably go to sleep. I need to rest my mind. And my broken body.

Night, world. 
I hope tomorrow is bright and shiny. 

I could use a bright and shiny day.

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