Monday, September 5, 2011

There's a DUMB Thing Called Men...Sorry, I Mean BOYS....

Here's the thing I need to remember: I don't want a boyfriend. I don't. At all. When I remember that, I feel better about everything. BECAUSE boys (and I do mean BOYS) are silly and selfish and dumb. And here's the thing: I think I like someone and then they go and do something stupid, like they choose Mario Kart over you. Just for the record: I am WAY cuter than Mario Kart. 
Oh well, boys are silly, and I don't want to date them anyway. Well, I DO want to date them. I just don't want a boyfriend. So that's good. It all works out.
But in summary: BOYS SUCK. 

Anyway, school started. Guess what. It's HARD. Classes are kicking my butt already. I had a test the first week and my first paper is due Friday. Fun fun fun.
Good thing I like learning! Cause I AM learning a lot. It's going fast and it's difficult, but I am learning a lot. So that's g00d.

Also, I love eating food and taking naps.  A lot. So that's what I do a lot of the time. And watch TV. (And do my laundry and homework, mom) 

I got a beautiful new planner thanks to my lovely grandma! She sent me some money and I have been eyeing this one planner for a long time.
It is luxurious and expensive and eco-friendly. I adore it. 
(Look at that, I'm in a more committed relationship with my planner than I am with a person. Sweet. Love my life)

I'm just mad. I need some ice cream. This is what I am in love with right now:
Heath ice cream bars. OH MY GOODNESS. So delicious.
Especially when you're a girl (if you know what I mean) and your body hurts all over, and your life is frustrating. These little babies make me feel better about everything. That and snuggly clothes. So, yeah.

Speaking of which, my grandpa also gave me some money (I have the best grandparents EVER) and I bought an adorable BYU sweatshirt, because I left my only one back in MN...which is a HUGE bummer. Anyway, the one I bought was DARLING! It's classy and cute and simple. And not an athletic looking one, it's like 50's school boy chic. It matches my cuffed up jeans, Chuck Taylors and short hair. I love it.

What else is new? 

Oh I am in LOVE with this song.
Listen to it a hundred million trillion times. DO IT.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend!

I am determined to be happy despite being frustrated with school and men. I WILL do it.

Bye (:

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